Helping Children

discover Their

Inner World

The M.Y.T.E programme has been designed to promote good mental and emotional wellbeing in children everywhere.

Why this matters...

of children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
0 %
of children with a mental health problem do not get intervention early enough
0 %
increase in teen suicide rates in the UK over the past decade
0 %
The M.Y.T.E programme has been created to enhance the well-being of kids today. Using carefully selected and scientifically proven tools and techniques, M.Y.T.E helps build a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Children will learn how to better manage their thoughts and feelings so they believe in themselves and their abilities, now and in the future.

The M.Y.T.E Programme

M.Y.T.E is an acronym for ‘Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions.’

Our aim is simple… to build self-awareness in children, helping them understand themselves, their thoughts and feelings. M.Y.T.E is built around four main areas, (the M.Y.T.E Toolkit), that help children to self regulate in the moment, when faced with fear, doubt or struggle.

How Does It Work?

The program had been designed with children in mind. Teaching children the skill to understand and manage their thoughts and feelings, promotes self-control and the ability to overcome any confidence issues that they’re facing. The M.Y.T.E programme provides a platform for children to express themselves willingly and freely.


Meditation, breathing more slowly and deeply, is one of the best ways to calm an anxious child. When faced with anxiety, the body is working from the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight-or-flight) which leads to shallow breathing, a rapid heartbeat and tense muscles. Practicing slow, deep breathing tells the body that it can calm down and helps to send any unwanted thoughts and feelings on their way. 


HeartMath encourages positive  positive emotions and children can learn about the powerful qualities of the heart. What are emotions and how do they impact our body: how we think, feel, act? HeartMath is a simple system offering tools and techniques, that are underpinned by science, to help reduce worry and anxiety.  HeartMath encourages internal coherence (balance) and boosts the body’s immunity way beyond compare.


Tapping, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a clinically proven form of ’emotional acupuncture’. Using our fingertips we tap on a series of acupressure points on the body to “short-circuit” the fight or flight (stress) response and re-wire the brain. Sounds crazy, but science has proven it works! Tapping can play a major part in helping children release fear, anxiety, trauma, and doubt in a matter of minutes and is setting a new tone for how we manage stress in todays world.


Exercising is an incredible way to de-stress. It releases endorphins, (happy hormones), in the brain that elevates our mood. These happy hormones continue working well after exercise is complete and help a child’s overall mental health. Promoting movement in children can help increase focus, clear negative emotions, enhance brain function and supports their physical growth. It’s essential for our wellbeing and encourages our children to live a healthy life.


The M.Y.T.E Vision

Working together, Emma & Puneet are on a mission to positively impact as many children as humanly possible.

Too many young kids are struggling with anxious thoughts and negative emotions. They end up retaining all these emotions that eventually manifest into mental and/or physical ailments.

We believe that if children are taught how to deal with their thoughts and feelings, and gain self-control… they’ll live a happier, healthier, and much more loving life.

The M.Y.T.E programme equips children with proven tools that help them to cope with and alleviate stressful situations… and M.Y.T.E teaches children to be independent in using these tools. That’s the M.Y.T.E promise!