About Us

The M.Y.T.E (pronounced ‘mighty’) team comprises Emma Gaba and Puneet Vatish. During lockdown their paths crossed on social media… now not only do they share the same M.Y.T.E mission, they have become great friends. 


Emma runs a company called Yellow Brick Roads. It is designed to help women achieve their potential. She is doing wonderful work, showing working mums and women lacking self-confidence, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Emma is a working mum with a passion for helping others. She has dedicated the last 5 years to helping as many women as she can uncover, and realise their full potential.

“I’ve struggled with self-doubt, a lack of confidence and anxiety… and I know other women struggle in these areas too, thats why I work hard to help women, (and that includes myself), overcome these hurdles and live a better life.”

Emma is an accredited EFT Practitioner (via EFTi), a Certified HeartMath Coach, a Certified Personal Fitness Instructor at Level 2 & Level 3. She has a Level 2 in Certificate in Counselling Skills via the CPCAB and a Foundation Certificate in Councelling that is NCS, CPCAB and BACAP Accredited. 


Puneet is blessed with two wonderful daughters and ensures they are growing up always seeing the silver lining. Through the turmoil he has faced, he is using all his life experience to show the world that positivity, happiness and gratitude can lead the way to a very fulfilling and euphoric life.

Puneet founded his beloved Bee Happy Philosophy in 2021. This philosophy came from years of running a business and facing obstacles. At a crossroads, a few years ago, he decided that he had control of his own destiny, which was to help as many people live the life they deserve.

Puneet has a BA (HONS) in Economics and an MSc in International Money and Banking. He is a qualified Level 2, 3 and 4 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, accredited by WABBA, and is an Accredited Life Coach.