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The 4-week M.Y.T.E programme has been created to help children manage their thoughts and emotions. The programme introduces them to the concept of mental and emotional health and it’s importance to living a happy, healthy life.

M.Y.T.E stands for Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions. The M.Y.T.E programme is centered on the M.Y.T.E toolkit: a toolkit comprising of 4 tools that support a child’s wellbeing. The tools are:

The Breathe Tool – Meditation (week 1)

The Feel Tool – HeartMath (week 2)

The Think Tool – EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping (week 3)

The Move Tool – Exercise (week 4)

Each week children are introduced to one of the 4 M.Y.T.E tools, and every day that week they will have a new practice to do that helps them navigate their thoughts and feelings, builds their confidence, and personal resilience.

What Children Will Learn:

  • What mental and emotional health means and its importance.
  • The 4 tools of the M.Y.T.E toolkit and how to practice them.
  • Lucy’s Lightbulb: understanding the techniques associated with each tool and their benefits.
    • Meditation – why breath control is paramount and how it supports the body.
    • HeartMath – what HeartMath is and how it helps to develop a strong, joyful and healthy heart.
    • Tapping – how to move from a negative to positive mindset and better one’s performance.
    • Exercise – the importance of exercise and why it’s vital for wellbeing.

Below we highlight the content in each week and video of the programme:

  • Welcome
    • Hi from the M.Y.T.E team!
    • Meet the M.Y.T.E team
    • Introduction to the M.Y.T.E Programme
    • M.Y.T.E Materials

  • Week 1: Introduction to M.Y.T.E & The BREATHE Tool
    • What is mental and emotional health and why is it important?
    • Introduction to the BREATHE tool
    • Delivery of the BREATHE tool: daily meditation practices
    • Introduction to M.Y.T.E and the M.Y.T.E toolkit.

  • Week 2: The FEEL tool
    • Introduction to the FEEL tool
    • Why thoughts and feelings are important
    • Delivery of the FEEL tool: daily HeartMath practices

  • Week 3: The THINK Tool
    • Introduction to the THINK tool
    • How to clear negative thoughts and feelings
    • Delivery of the THINK tool: daily Tapping practices

  • Week 4: The MOVE Tool
    • Introduction to the MOVE tool
    • What is movement and why is it important?
    • Delivery of the MOVE tool: daily exercise practices

  • Goodbye
    • M.Y.T.E summary and recap of the M.Y.T.E toolkit
    • The M.Y.T.E shuffle
    • What happens now?
    • M.Y.T.E workbook

  • Additional Support – M.Y.T,E Extras
    • Helping kids who have trouble sleeping
    • Helping kids with their nutrition

M.Y.T.E…helping children discover their inner world.

The M.Y.T.E programme equips children with proven tools that help them to cope with and alleviate stressful situations. M.Y.T.E teaches children to be independent in using these tools. 
That’s the M.Y.T.E promise!

Please check out the resources page in the M.Y.T.E programme where you will find materials that'll  support your learning and help you navigate the M.Y.T.E programme.

And if you'd like to understand more about the techniques found in the M.Y.T.E toolkit, check out the below videos:

  • Breathe Tool: Meditation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caPDjzw2Fnc
  • Feel Tool: HeartMath - https://youtu.be/VsFBvvi3xOQ?si=fscbGTgDF8dNTxe9
  • Think Tool: Tapping - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0NUNNhosPU
  • Move Tool: Exercise - https://youtu.be/_HO86JjtB2c



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