Emma & Puneet
The M.Y.T.E Programme

The M.Y.T.E programme has been created to empower children everywhere, helping them better manage their thoughts and feelings. Help children gain self-control and the know-how to live a happy, healthy, and self-loving life.

M.Y.T.E Printables

The M.Y.T.E printables are fun and engaging self-development activities that help children from 5-11 tame an overthinking mind.

4 Simple Yet Powerful Techniques You Can Use To Reduce Doubt & Anxiety In Children.

This eBook teaches you how to support children and help them overcome their fears, doubts or anxieties. These simple tried-and-tested techniques are profound and available for all the family, class or school to practice.


Building self-awareness in kids, helping them to become stronger in how they think and feel. The M.Y.T.E online programme supports children, building their resilience and ability to self-regulate their emotions.