BREATHE Tool Practice 1: Your Happy Place

Welcome to Week 1 of the M.Y.T.E programme.

Today is the day your M.Y.T.E journey begins! We are very excited to introduce you to M.Y.T.E and teach you all about the M.Y.T.E toolkit. You will also complete your first M.Y.T.E BREATHE tool practice.

Click below to get started… and don’t forget to download the M.Y.T.E guide as it will support your learning and help you navigate the M.Y.T.E programme. Enjoy!

If you are yet to download the M.Y.T.E Guide, to do so, click the ‘Download’ button below.

N.B. The M.Y.T.E guide and other useful resources can be found on ‘Welcome & Resources’ page inside the programme.