The M.Y.T.E printables offer so many benefits, such as:

Builds Emotional Awareness: they help children understand and express their emotions more effectively.

Overcome Negative Thoughts: journalling allows children to leave their thoughts, worries, and feelings on paper, in turn helping them to process their emotions in an effective way. 

Boosts Creativity: children love to get creative. Encouraging them to express themselves through art is a great way to check in with how they’re feeling.

Reduces Stress: playful activities can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in children by helping them get out of their head and into their heart.


Our fun and engaging self-development activities help children from 5-11 tame an overthinking mind. They teach children vital skills that will help them to thrive in childhood, and for their future years to come.

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The M.Y.T.E Vision

Working together, Emma & Puneet are on a mission to positively impact as many children as humanly possible.

Too many young kids are struggling with anxious thoughts and negative emotions. They end up retaining all these emotions that eventually manifest into mental and/or physical ailments.

We believe that if children are taught how to deal with their thoughts and feelings, and gain self-control… they’ll live a happier, healthier, and much more loving life.

The M.Y.T.E programme equips children with proven tools that help them to cope with and alleviate stressful situations… and M.Y.T.E teaches children to be independent in using these tools. That’s the M.Y.T.E promise!