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What Other M.Y.T.E Programme Users are saying:

The children have been really engaged with the programme from the beginning. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about and practicing the different tools in the toolkit and have practiced brilliantly. I have asked children daily, whether anyone has found the tools useful, and if anyone has used them independently. Increasingly, more children have explained how a tool has helped them cope when in a stressful situation (both in school both in school and at home), and out in the playground. Using the practice videos first thing in the morning has been a good time to recall strategies for a day ahead.

Mrs. Howells

Primary School Teacher

I came across M.Y.T.E and was interested in the concepts of meditation and breathing. After just one week, I saw a change in them.having completed the programme. I can see they have a more relaxed nature and overall happiness within them things that may have bothered them before or no longer of importance. It is amazing. The impact of this programme has had for not just my children, but the whole family.

Sukhraj Dhawliwal


The children have enjoyed doing the programme, they find it so much fun! Are use it if they are noisy or restless, or after break times, PE and lunch to refocus their minds. I have you something similar in another school, mental toughness, which was for secondary as well.this is clearly accessible to primary children, especially KS1 and so much more suitable.

Mrs. Lindsey Williams yes

Primary School Teacher

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